Wed, August 25 at 12:00 AM EDT  ●  AWForward

AWForward: Building a Safer Future

At Facebook, we know that questions remain around how we keep our platform safe, and provide invaluable products and services for brands, agencies and individuals. That’s why we’ve committed huge amounts of time and resources to assuring safety online. This session will answer fundamental questions about this work, and make sense of common misconceptions.

How does Facebook decide what content should be removed, and what should remain on its platforms? How is Facebook managing bullying, hate speech and harassment? How are brands kept safe when advertising? And why did Facebook decide to establish an Oversight Board to manage difficult questions around freedom of expression? In this session, you’ll have a chance to see under the hood of the world’s largest social media brand as experts explain what it takes to help keep 3bn people safe from online harm.

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Thomas Hughes Director of Oversight Board Administration Oversight Board
Matt Scheckner Global CEO Stillwell Partners | Advertising Week
Kaitlin Sullivan Director of Content Policy Facebook
Peter Stern Director, Content Policy Stakeholder Engagement Facebook
Ulrick Casseus Public Policy Manager, Content Facebook
Jennifer Broxmeyer Director of Content Governance Facebook
Patrick Harris Vice President of Global Agency Development Facebook
Yale Cohen EVP, Global Digital Standards Publicis Media